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Travels of an SF Housewife

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Hi and welcome to the journal of a starting-out sf and fantasy writer, who's also a housewife (and beware if you say I shouldn't call myself the latter!) I love to cook, to tell stories... go figure I'm in the SCA:)

Come sit by the fire a bit; I promise you this isn't a boring journal, as my mind wanders from various regions of Earth to the farther reaches of the galaxy and beyond, not to mention inter-dimensional travel. Come with me, if you want to; I go to fairyland frequently too, and Kritter, and other more exotic and strange places. (to say nothing of the East Kingdom and random cooking and writing resource sites on the 'Net...)

Don't be shy! Come in, read, tell me what you think. And if you're really brave or curious, friend me and then you might get a chance to see even stranger sights... :)

Or, find me on facebook! Jess Howe's Facebook profile